WhatsApp Pickleball Hotline

Request to be included in WhatsApp Pickleball Hotline Chat
1. Fill out this form to request inclusion in the WhatsApp chat used by pickleball players in the Columbia County Florida area. 2. In order to be included, you must first download the app on your smartphone and create an account with WhatsApp, a 3rd party entity. 3. Click on the SUBMIT button to have your request forwarded to an administrator of the Pickleball Hotline chat. If there are no complications with your application, you will be added to the chat within 24 hours. 4. You may remove yourself from the chat at any time. 5. You may not use this chat for non-pickleball related solicitations, or engaging in discussions promoting political or religious views. 6. Administrators reserve the right to remove a member from the chat if they do not adhere to common standards of decency or otherwise show disrespect to other members of the chat. 7. Any complaint you have about anything related to the chat should be addressed in private to an administrator. The chat administrators are listed in the chat information available to every member of the chat within the WhatsApp app.