Pictona Trip

Someone suggested that it would be fun to coordinate a club visit to Pictona on a weekend just to play, have fun, and strengthen friendships.

If you’re not familiar with Pictona, it is a world-class pickleball facility that was built just north of Daytona, about 2-1/2 hour’s drive from Lake City. Their website is here.

What to expect: By going as a group, we qualify for the discounted day rate of $9.00 per person for all the pickleball you want. We wouldn’t have to arrive together to get the discount; you just tell them you’re with the Lake City group and you can get the special rate. You can stay as long as you want, and play with people you know or mix in with others in your skill level at one of the 49 dedicated courts (including 13 covered courts in case of rain). For those who wish to make it a weekend getaway, we can gather at a restaurant later that evening. Those wishing to spend the night are free to make their own hotel arrangements.

People can come and go as they please, and there are other activities besides pickleball at Pictona.

If this sounds like fun to you, fill out the form below to help us choose the optimal date and get an approximate headcount so we can start finalizing plans. We will keep all those who are interested informed as the planning progresses.

Help us determine the best options for our outing. As a group, we are entitled to a group rate to play at Pictona, and some of us would like to go out afterwards as a group mixer. Tell us what dates work for you and whether you’re interested in being included in the dinner.