NEW! Prepay your pickleball fees online!

Back by popular demand and more convenient than ever!!  Pay in Advance and save!

For the organized playing times each week at RCC where there is a $3.00 fee, you now have the ability to pay online, in advance and select from 4 flexible options.   The discount increases the further out you pay.  Better yet, you don’t have to bring cash and have the right amount on hand every time you play!

Simply follow menu path on this website:  ABOUT US >> PRE-PAY AND SAVE

Choose one of the following options from the drop down list and click “Add to Cart”.  You will then be taken to a typical Shopping Cart screen where you can pay using your existing PayPal account or without an account using just your Debit/Credit Card very much like any online purchase today.

  • Play 4 Times       (Approx One Month @ 1/wk)    – $11.00  (save $1)
  • Play 8 Times       (Approx One Month @ 2/wk)    – $22.00  (save $2)
  • Play 12 Times     (Approx Three Months @ 1/wk) – $30.00  (save $6)
  • Play 24 Times     (Approx Three Months @ 2/wk) – $48.00  (save $24)

Note:  The above is intended to be a flexible payment process where you are on the “Honor System” for keeping track of your amount due each time you play pickleball during hours when there is normally a $3.00 fee.  For any of the options selected, you get to play the number of times indicated.  The calendar month is just used as a guideline.


*You still have the option to pay with cash each time you play.