Richardson Outdoor Courts DAYS away from being ready for play

These photos, taken Wednesday 11/6/19, show the court inside the enclosure has already been painted and lined for tennis. The blue areas between the enclosure and a basketball area are future dedicated pickleball areas.

The tennis court area will be getting lines painted for 4 pickleball courts. Roll-away pickleball nets are on order. These 4 courts will be available for open play at predetermined times. All other times, it will be available for use as a tennis court. Open play times are yet to be determined.

The dedicated pickleball courts outside the enclosure will have permanent nets and will be available for anytime play from dawn until dusk. You can see in the photos that the posts have already been set. The court in the foreground of the photo is not a full-size court; there was only space available for the one full-sized court, but the pickleball committee decided that there might be a value in providing lines and a net for practice and drilling. It is laid out to have a full-sized court on one side of the net with a shortened space on the other.

At present time, there are no lights on any of these courts for play after dark. Our advocates in the county recreation department are hoping to obtain funding for that in the future, but there is no timeline for lighting at present.