Tribute to Chip Lynch

When they left for the summer, we had every expectation that Chip and Donna Lynch would be back again as soon as the cooler breezes blew them back to their winter home here in Lake City. As per usual, Donna continued to keep us all connected with occasional emails and website updates even while they summered in their upstate New York home.
If you haven’t already heard the horrible news, in July, Chip was admitted to the hospital with complications relating to a heart valve replacement he had received over 30 years before. The sad conclusion to this story is that Chip succumbed to complications and died on August 14, 2019.
You can read his obituary here.
Anyone interested in showing their appreciation to Chip’s legacy by donating to the Chip Lynch Brighter Future Fund may do so here.
The loss of our friend leaves us all in shock; but for Donna Lynch, the loss of her lifetime partner is going to take some time to come to terms with. In the short term, she is making plans to move to the Villages, and she is taking a step back from the administrative role she has played in fostering pickleball in Columbia County. After all the tireless work she has put in since putting pickleball on the map in this town, her retirement is well deserved. This leaves some gigantic shoes to fill…