Pre-Pay and Save

Pay in Advance and Save!!

Instead of bringing cash ($3.00) each time you play at RCC, pay online in advance and save! Choose the Prepay option that best fits your needs from the drop down list below:
(Once in your cart, you can pay with a credit/debit card or use your existing PayPal account for quicker checkout)

Choose your Prepay Option:
Comment (opt):

Note: The above is intended to be a flexible payment process where you are on the “Honor System” for keeping track of your amount due each time you play pickleball during hours when there is normally a $3.00 fee. For any of the options selected, you get to play the number of times indicated. It is not calendar month dependent.

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Use this button to make a misc payment to Lake City Pickleball:

Note: This option is for making payments that don’t fit into the shopping cart pricing above. It can be used for any Pickleball related purpose to pay RCC/AMN. There will be a place to add a “note” after you click the button.