Paying to Play

Richardson Community Center has been very supportive of the Lake City Pickleball program. We get a lot of benefits from playing there, and all the open play times that occur during business hours are free of charge.

The money we charge for Sundays and weekday evenings is used to support the pickleball program, and thanks to the stewardship of the RCC/AMN staff, the money stays in the pickleball program for expenses that benefit us directly.

Most of us don’t use cash that much anymore. To alleviate the burden or remembering to come prepared with that $3.oo fee every play time, there are a few options available to players who want to pay electronically.

OPTION 1: Pay in advance online

There is a link to prepay 4, 8, 12 or 24 times in advance using Paypal. The more you pay at one time, the more the rate is discounted. The page can be found here.

Paypal is a secure way to pay online. You can set up an account with Paypal, or you can pay as a guest using any debit or credit card.

OPTION 2: Pay on your phone

If you do have an account, Paypal has a phone app you can download to your phone and make a payment in a few seconds. Even users that wish to pay the $3.00 for that day’s play can use the app to pay the $3.00 on the phone instead of putting the cash in the envelope. First-time payments can be made using the email address as the payee. After the first payment, the payee Lake City Pickleball will appear in your list of payees to select as soon as you begin entering any subsequent payment on the app.

You can find the Paypal app on your app store on an apple or android phone.